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Bundle for Procurement

New technical information will be regularly updated to the OBDP website as it becomes available.


The following preliminary technical data is provided to all interested parties for use in evaluation and study of a proposed Project prior to release of the procurement documents. The Agency may modify the posted preliminary technical data at any time. Any changes to the posted preliminary technical data will be clearly marked with the revision dates. Interested parties should monitor the website for the most current data.

Prior to the release of the RFQ, questions regarding this preliminary technical data may be directed to the Agency Project Manager: Tim Dodson; 680 Cottage Street NE; Salem, Oregon 97301-2412; (503) 986-3311; Email:

These questions may be posed informally via telephone, email, or in writing, and responses may or may not be provided, at Agency's discretion. Any responses by Agency may be made in the manner received, or may be posted on the Agency website. Following release of a RFQ, all questions will be handled according to the formal procurement process described in the RFQ.

Interested parties are advised that this preliminary technical data that is subject to change, and that only engineering data provided to Short-Listed Proposers with or following the release of an RFP should be used when preparing proposals, and that such engineering data is also subject to change.

For additional information please refer to the Oregon Department of Transportation's Major Projects Branch, Advanced Contracting Unit web site.

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